How is PatronBase priced and what is the license model?

The PatronBase system is sold as a perpetual license – once you have purchased it the software is yours to use without need to “renew” your license after a specified number of years. However to receive upgrades and support you will need to purchase a maintenance and support program. Both of these services are charged as a percentage of your system’s purchase price and typically are offered to you on a 3 or 5 year contract. You may pay for the system and maintenance/support in one of three ways*:

  • As an automatic monthly direct debit. Many customers prefer this method as it helps manage their cash flow – especially helpful for organizations paying out of operating funds, not as a capital project.
  • Pay for the software upfront and the support/maintenance annually.
  • Up front – new partners can opt to pay for the system and the support/maintenance contracts in full at time of purchase. Partners who are funding the system with capital project funds often choose this method as they must disperse the funds in one go.

*Please note that expenses for training and installation (data conversion, etc.) are typically due at installation.


Generally speaking any required hardware (computers, servers, ticket printers) will be paid at time of installation.


The PatronBase system has many options available to the purchaser. Please contact us for pricing.

How do I host the system?

Your PatronBase system is comprised of the PatronBase software, your data, and Internet access. Your PatronBase system can be either:

Locally hosted

– you have the PatronBase software and your data on-site on your own server(s).


  • Data is secured within your organization’s firewalls (sometimes a requirement of council owned systems)
  • The bandwidth requirements for high speed Internet are reduced as most of the traffic is on your local network
  • No ongoing cost for hosting


  • You the cost of maintaining the infrastructure (servers, etc.) as well as keeping up to date with software enhancements and keeping current data backups.
  • To fix issues with the system PatronBase must have access to the system and, in the event of server issues you will need to have local hardware support.
Cloud hosting


  • Ideal for organizations without internal IT support.
  • Data is consistently backed up and PatronBase maintains the ability to do “hot” restores of your system.
  • If you have large on-sales PatronBase can quickly add more server capability to ensure transaction speed.
  • Software is automatically updated so you are always on the most current version.


  • Cloud hosting adds additional annual costs.
  • Must maintain a high speed Internet connection with fixed IP address.

Please note that all ticketing services for your website pages are cloud hosted.


Emergency support is available 24×7 with non-emergency support available according to our Service Level Agreement. Support can be reached via email: support@patronbase.co.uk