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Fund Development

In an increasingly difficult revenue environment you need the tools to make it easy for supporters to help support your organization.

New for 2017 is the release of the PatronBase Fundraising module, which has built on existing PatronBase fundraising functionality, whilst introducing lots of exciting new features in the new desktop module.

Key new features for the PatronBase Fundraising module will include;

  • 1Customisable Fundraising Dashboard Screen

  • 2Multiple Prospects Pipeline screens

  • 3The ability to link fundraising opportunities and events to overall fundraising campaigns

  • 4Automated operator tasks and alerts

  • 5Automated operator tasks and alerts

Further developments planned for future phases of this module include;

  • 1Document Management.

  • 2Direct Debit Processing.

  • 3Manage fundraising events with invitations, RSVPS and split revenue.

  • 4Pledges and future donations.

  • 5‘In-Kind’ donations for those donating non-monetary items.

  • 6Legacies and Bequests.


Multiple donation campaigns can also be set up within PatronBase. Knowing a donation is contributing to a specific cause, as opposed to generic fund, can be very important to your customers and may encourage them to give more generously.

Post donation thank you emails can be automatically sent out to patrons to enhance their donation experience and make their contribution feel more worthwhile and appreciated.

Within the PatronBase marketing module it is also possible to identify those patrons that have donated the most overall or to a particular cause, increasing the scope for keeping your high value donors engaged and informed about the progress of a specific campaign. It is also possible to set targets against various donation campaigns to easily track their success.

Online Donations

Donations and fundraising are crucial in order for your organisation to be sustainable, as not only does it help you to engage with your audiences, but also increases revenue. A simple ‘Donate’ suggestion as part of the online ticket purchase journey, can provide customers with an immediate opportunity to donate.

Suggestions could include offering amounts such as £2, £5, £10 or ‘Other’ for them to input themselves, having a suggestive amount in which they can edit if required or rounding up to the nearest £5. There are a number of other suggestive tools available to test and see what works with your audience, for example tying in with the age of the organisation (‘Please give us £40 to help us raise £40,000 in time for our 40th birthday in 2018!’)

PatronBase also offers customers the opportunity to register for Gift Aid on their donations. Customers can choose to save their declaration for future transactions, up to a specific date if required.