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PatronBase features over 120 different finance reports to pull off any and all financial data required, from end of day banking to specific show sales.

All reports can be customised to include organisations logo and custom text if required.

Account codes can be recorded in PatronBase and extracted to .CSV file, in order to manually upload into accounting systems such as Sage.

The PatronBase sales profile report…

…can provide access to data relating to site traffic, booking patterns and audience development information such as:

  • 1Source: How they booked? – Phone, Web, Counter.

  • 2Referral: How did they hear about the event? – Flyer, Social Media, School, Newspaper, Word of Mouth etc.

  • 3Booking Days: What day did your customers book?

  • 4Booking Times: What time of the day is most popular for patrons to book?