More than just ticketing

PatronBase is a box office and marketing solution based on a single database focused around your patrons, not just their transactions
Whether as a locally installed software package or as part of a hosted or ‘cloud’ environment, PatronBase are able to offer a flexible and reliable system at an accessible price. We understand the challenges that face arts organisations, now so more than ever. We are able to offer they system at a fixed price, on a per ticket percentage model... whatever works for the organisation.

 We believe that the patron lies at the heart of any arts organisation, whether they be a trustee, a donor, hirer, artist or performer or simply a ticket buyer. PatronBase is about more than just ticketing – it is a hub which brings all the different people linked with the organisation together in one place. our customers, promoters and partners a better service
Ben Jeffries, Marketing Director,Perth Theatre and Concert Hall