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A central contacts database is vital in creating and maintaining data effectively and building up your customer profile.

We put your patron at the centre of all modules to integrate customer relationship tools throughout.

As soon as a customer completes a transaction, whether online or direct with your organisation, their details are live in the central patron database, ensuring that any data you are looking at is always up to date.

Patrons can easily be linked to other people or organisations and each relationship defined accordingly.

Contact details, notes, customisable attributes and the sales history of a patron are stored centrally, making it much easier to get to know your customers quickly.

Our Segmented Groups function helps you find or contact specific groups of people instantly.
  • 1Customer Segmentation & Marketing

    PB has quick reporting on specific groups of patrons, with a number of pre-defined and custom filters to choose from, such as interests or sales history.

    Want to send a targeted offer or upselling E-Blast out to specific customers who are interested in contemporary music or who attended the last dance event or workshop? A quick click of a button and the information is there for you to use as you choose to.

    PatronBase also integrates with email provider MailChimp to enable quick upload of customer contact data, ready to press ‘send’ on bespoke marketing campaigns.

  • 2MHM Culture Segments Integration

    Coming soon – the ability to automatically store a Patron’s MHM Culture Segment within a custom attribute field, feeding directly from their survey result.

    Users can then tailor their email marketing based on each segment, improving the relevance for the customer.