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Encouraging customers to become Members or ‘Friends’ of an organisation establishes loyalty, while increasing revenue. PatronBase provides easy options for customers to sign up for membership and access their benefits online through an individual log in.

  • Membership schemes

    Whether members receive discounted prices or priority booking periods, PatronBase provides the flexibility to manage multiple membership schemes with ease. Joint, individual and family memberships can all be made available, each with their own specific benefits and discounts. Alerts to renew memberships are automated online and *automatic membership renewal reminder emails can be configured.

  • PatronPoints® Loyalty

    PatronPoints is a multi-functional loyalty program – essentially a frequent flyer system for your organization. You set the mechanisms for earning and redeeming points from ticket purchases, memberships, services, etc. The patron’s earned points are reportable from their crm record for ease of categorizing the level of interaction with your organization.

Non-ticket Revenue Opportunities
  • Booking Protect™

    PatronBase provides you with a direct connection to the Booking Protect insurance system. Booking Protect is an insurance plan that offers coverage to patrons for their bookings. A wide range of events that might result in the patron being unable to attend the event (such as cancellations, inability to attend due to weather events, transport issues, etc.) is covered. The insurance is completely voluntary and the cost is paid completely by the patron. The patron receives piece of mind and you receive a portion of the booking fee. In addition your patrons may be more likely to make spur of the moment booking choices (“wow, that event two months ahead looks great”) if they know that should an unforeseen event prevent them from attending they are covered. The interface to Booking Protect is available at no charge to PatronBase customers.

  • Advertising

    The web booking pages we host for you can also host advertising that can provide click through generated fees for your organization. This link is provided at no direct cost to you (or your patrons) and is an opportunity to increase your revenue from events you are presenting. Since you pick the advertising you are guaranteed that you will not be promoting competing events or companies that you do not want associated with your organization.

Social Media

PatronBase was the first ticketing company in the UK to establish a Facebook Integration. We’ve continued from there to provide a wide range of social media tools.

All of PatronBase’s social media integrations provide additional sales and marketing opportunities, either allowing customers to purchase tickets directly through Facebook or encouraging customers to sign up to relevant newsletters.

Customers can also be provided with the opportunity to tweet or post about their purchases after payment, offering a simple way to engage additional untapped audiences online.