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One Essential Ticketing System for All Events

Booking a ticket in the box office has never been easier. Click and drag functionality provides operators with a straight forward and an easy to use interface. On a single screen, it is clear to operators how many tickets are available, how many are held/reserved and how many have paid.

Using live availability in real-time to link to the website, PatronBase provides all ticket buyers with current availability and no fear of double bookings. For busy periods there is quick ticket options, so operators can skip the seating plan process and book and pay for a seat instantly.

User friendly, intuitive and simple to setup and use

Venue, Seating Plan and Pricing Plan templates are easily set for use on future performances. Once events have been created, pricing and seating plans can be adjusted at Production or Performance levels, with a simple click of a button, making the set-up of new events quick and easy for administrators.

You can create unlimited new seating plans can be created by your organisation at any time.

Admin permissions can be set to allow different groups of staff the ability to access or limit certain data/modules.

  • Online and Mobile Ticketing

    Buying a ticket online needs to be easy, secure, fast and work on all mobile platforms. Our booking system integrates with your existing look and feel, providing a smooth and unnoticeable transition to the booking pages.

    You may have events that require a separate look and feel to the rest of the website. We provide additional web skins as required, to retain the seamless integration of all webpages.

    PatronBase web skins are fully integrated with ALL mobile and tablet devices (including android and Apple phones), ensuring booking a ticket on a mobile is equally as accessible as on any other device. Real time booking assures that customers are always informed of exact ticket availability.

  • Print@Home ticketing

    PatronBase provides print at home, mobile and physical ticketing options, each with configurable layouts and designs. Our mobile optimised booking pages make tickets easily and efficiently available on any device and which can be delivered instantaneously to the customer.

    Different designs and layouts can be created for each event or ticket, providing venue marketing opportunities via customer tickets as well as external advertisements.

    With Loyalty cards or annual admission tickets, PatronBase can integrate with PassBook or Apple Wallet so that the ticket & barcode is stored on their mobile device making scanned entry and visits easy for the customer.

  • Flexible Ticket Pricing

    With flexibility in ticketing ticket prices can be set by venue, entire production, individual performance/event or on an individual seat basis, giving you full control over your ticket prices.

    “Pick your own seat’ allows customers to decide where they want to sit and how much they want to spend to sit there. Price Banding is also flexible allowing you to set up as many price bands as needed (including Comps).

    Ticket Prices can be changed at any time to keep up with demand. Automated On-sale dates can be set and adjusted to open or close certain areas, such as opening ‘Balcony’, a few weeks after the on-sale of the ‘Stalls’. ‘Early Bird’ offers seats at a certain price, up until a certain day; signing in to a restricted access customer log in page; or by providing a ‘code’ that can be redeemed to access advanced discounts or priority bookings.

Group Bookings, Discount Codes and Vouchers

Full Group Booking functionality:

Minimum or maximum purchase option for group bookings, allowing organisations to manage how many tickets can be purchased in one transaction. The minimum booking also provides for group discounts such as ‘Book 10+ tickets and receive a 10% discount’. The group price can be made available to all customers online however it would be unavailable for customers wishing to purchase less than 10 tickets.

  • Discounts such as special members’ prices can be seen, but are not available unless signed in, or have a relevant membership applicable to the event.

    Details of how to book a membership price can be suggested to patrons, promoting membership schemes.

    Unique codes can be provided for specific events or admissions to redeem vouchers, provide discounts or a priority booking opportunity. Restrictions on discount codes can be set to ensure discount or voucher codes can only be used once or in one transaction.

  • Codes can be utilised to track and analyse your marketing’s impact.

    Vouchers for events or admissions and nominal value Gift Vouchers can also be purchased online

Seasonal & Packaged Bookings

Multi-Buy options and discounts are easily set to provide an option for customers to purchase more than one ticket at a time and be rewarded for doing so. Users can categorise admission/events into a season or price bundle and have a separate page outlining all the available options in that season. For example, seasons could include:

  • 1For customers wishing to sign up to a term of classes or a selection of events, in addition to the annual admission, it would be possible to offer bespoke discounts if they book for the whole season in advance.

  • 2Alternatively, PatronBase can offer packaged tickets such as: ‘Annual Admission + Voucher for Afternoon Tea for two’ or ‘Special Event + hot drink’, which can be highlighted as a single price to the customer.

  • 3Deposits and Invoices can be offered as an alternative option on ticket prices.


Manage all aspects of Classes such as: scheduling, ticketing, payments, teacher bios, email notifications, etc.

Interfaces with YourShift to enable scheduling of staff and resources.

Kiosks and Attendance Tracking

Our Kiosk system:
As an adjunct to your box office we offer a Kiosk solution for unmanned ticketing stations. A kiosk can provide:

  • Ticketing when the queue is long at the box office window (prevents walk-aways) or when the box office is closed but your lobby is open.

  • Quick ticketing for patrons who are familiar with the seating plan, don’t have questions or last minute walk-ups.

  • Capture of all the same patron data as your box office window (or can be set for quick sale as “guest”). CRM details, sign ups for newsletters, etc. can be captured at the kiosk

  • Spur of the moment ticketing for future events.
    Advertising on continuous display

  • Occupancy Monitor

    WebHub includes features such as an Occupancy monitor, to track visitors and how many people are in the venue at one time.

Front Window

Front Window is our simplified web-based ticketing app that delivers quick (yet comprehensive) ticketing functionality to your front office sales team.

  • 1Web-based and does not require desktop functionality.

  • 2Ideal for use on tablets for remote ticketing.

  • 3Simple to learn, simple to use.

  • 4Provides the needed functionality to sell tickets, capture CRM details, sell memberships, take donations, etc.

  • 5Simplifies ticketing for festivals, one-off events off-site, pop-up events – anywhere you need to sell a ticket but don’t have permanent ticketing infrastructure.

  • 6Reduces hosting costs whether you host your own system or use the PatronBase cloud.