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PatronBase To Encourage Donations & Giving

PatronBase offers an array of functions to effectively increase donations and memberships.

Encourage Donations & Giving

The Fundraising module allows you to manage the progress of opportunities and donations towards your targets. Fully integrated with other modules within the PatronBase system, this gives you a 360 degree view of your donor relationships. You can then track the effectiveness of multiple campaigns at once and make enhancements, where needed, in real time.

Use the powerful PatronBase CRM to identify prospective supporters and view donors’ behaviour and giving patterns. You can grow both ad hoc donations and targeted giving through integrated sales tools and easily monitor your organisation’s progress with real time reporting and dashboards.

Why choose PatronBase?

Manage fundraising opportunities through processes tailored to your needs

Effectively manage all aspects of campaigns and donations

Monitor progress of campaigns and targets

A 360 degree view of your progress

At a glance view with real time dashboards

A quick overview at any time

Identify key donor relationships

Know your patrons

Combine with memberships, ticketing, purchases and more for a 360 degree donor view

Increase additional revenue streams

Fully integrated with the PatronBase system

Underpinning all of our modules, our flexible and powerful CRM

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