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6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Online Sales

The PatronBase community, in common with the industry as a whole, has seen online ticket sales to be vital to success, and it’s hard to imagine even the smallest venue or event organiser not being keen to take advantage of online sales. But getting tickets online is the easy part – customers will only take...

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

Every year suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally. Worldwide, suicide is responsible for over 800,000 deaths each year, which equates to one suicide every 20 seconds. The risk of suicide amongst those in the Performing Arts is higher than in the wider population, with some statistics suggesting...

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Legitimate Interests – You can, but should you?

With the impending GDPR changes, there’s a great deal of interest amongst marketers and fundraisers in using legitimate interests as an alternative to obtaining consent. In many circumstances, this is legally acceptable – but will your patrons hate you for it? Many marketers and fundraisers are seeing...

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Spot the difference

How a ‘double or quits’ approach to de-duping, is driving some Box Office Assistants up the theatre wall… Picture the scene, a new brochure went on sale yesterday; 3 classes are taking place in the next few hours and practically all the participants want to book places for next term, involving forms being...

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Price ≠ Value

At the supermarket I get the best result by solving a fairly simple equation (based on the concept of price ≠ value) with these factors: ·      Cost per weight (ounce/ gram) ·      Perceived quality (branding or visible attributes) ·      Desirability ·      Utility to the...

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