• Sectors


Managing a wide array of single and multi-purpose venues within a school or University can often be a challenge.

PatronBase has the comprehensive functionality to successfully manage the complex needs found within an Educational framework.

PatronBase integrated solutions provide a simple way to manage a variety of tasks with a minimal staff team, all for an very affordable price that can purchased upfront or on a rolling subscription basis.

  • Ticketing

    A comprehensive suite of ticketing solutions for the manifold event management challenges faced by education facilities.

  • Venue Management

    keeps your venues and resources organized across events of all types: classes, performances, outside hires, etc.

  • Marketing

    Ensure that communications are relevant at all times through the suite of tools that enable you to track and categorise your audience / students with ease.

  • PatronPoints

    PatronBase’s “frequent-flyer” program that tracks user-defined points earned through transactions with your organization. Tickets purchased, classes taken, purchases of supplies processed through PatronBase can earn points that attribute to the patron for use for future events, credits on purchases, etc.

  • YourShift

    Complete management of shift rota for staff, student volunteers, teaching assistants – if you need to schedule them YourShift makes the process easy and transparent.