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Independent Cinema

Your independent cinema needs the best tools to build, grow and sustain your audience, to give you an edge against large chains and in home entertainment.

Independent Cinema

PatronBase contains a range of advanced tools, allowing you to segment your audience based on their interests, past engagement and much more. Interact with your patrons at every touchpoint for a 360 degree view, from online to collection, and box office to kiosk. Foster loyalty with membership, packages and loyalty points.

Your cinema goers choose you because your venue is unique, so make the most of that through building an audience your way with PatronBase.

Why choose PatronBase?

Build on your uniqueness through flexible and powerful tools

360 degree view of your audience across ticketing, memberships, loyalty schemes and more

Increase attendance through packages and multibuys

Cross- and up-sell merchandise, food and drink, donations, vouchers online or in the box office.

Range of powerful tools for retail, screen management, fundraising, group bookings and more

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