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Multi-Artform Venues

Designed by arts professionals, for arts professionals. PatronBase provides comprehensive tools for marketing, ticketing, CRM, venue management, retail, fundraising and more.

Multi-Artform Venues

As a fully integrated suite of products, PatronBase helps you efficiently manage your venue, and drive your marketing with a 360 degree view of your audience. PatronBase is built for flexibility, allowing you to tailor the tools to suit your organisation.

Our CRM capabilities go beyond customer view, including diverse constituents including press contacts, funders, community contacts and corporate sponsors. We’re here to help you build an audience your way.

Why choose PatronBase?

Comprehensive product suite across all facets of your organisation

360 degree view of your audience across ticketing, venue hire, fundraising, memberships and more

Powerful tools to increase revenue through cross- and up-selling, donations, memberships and vouchers

Build packages and offers with ease, to drive sales and increase spend

Flexibility throughout the system to tailor the experience and build an audience your way

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