We started PatronBase to support the Arts - where resources are few, time is precious and serving your patron is paramount – sound like your organization?


PatronBase is a toolbox with the tools you need, not expensive ones that never come out of the box. Cost effective solutions to your daily requirements – no more, no less

What is patronbase?

PatronBase is a suite of patron and organization management software used by teams to provide enhanced services to their clients at an affordable price.

Organisations that find a match with PatronBase are inherently creative in the way they do business. They are, to be blunt, leaders keenly interested in usable function and the best value.

Our software offers a comprehensive range of functionality, from event marketing and ticketing through to membership and venue management. This range of features is available with a flexible pricing model that is highly competitive.

PatronBase is mainly about working with you, fitting our software to meet your needs, to reflect your unique situation and creative vision - that’s the ultimate measure of success for us.

Patronbase has tools you’ll use

Access your tailored package at any time with our cloud features, or keep it all in one place with an in-house system.

We take pride in our customer relationships and with our UK based headquarters being in Cardiff, we're only ever a phone call or email away.

PatronBase provides comprehensive venue and client management software to over 170 clients worldwide It's time to see how PatronBase work.